Falling through the Cracks: Forms and Assumptions

Forms vs. People What do users dislike most about the Web? It’s almost certainly filling out forms. And by a crazy coincidence, what do Web developers find the most challenging aspect of their work? Forms must certainly rank high on the list. Forms are that locus in the interface where the differences between humans and

Worst Nav Bar Ever?

There’s probably something worse out there somewhere, but I certainly haven’t seen anything this bad in a long time. This is the bottom nav bar on all the pages at Roget’s Hyperlinked Thesaurus. You actually have to use almost all the sections of the site before the navigation starts to make sense. Oh, and that

Bad Form Assumptions – Again!

I just learned that an email address I’ve been using for ten years, and through which I’ve received thousands of messages is invalid and just won’t work—at least according to this ISP’s validation script!

Row-based designs

I wrote an article for the new online Web design magazine, 13things, entitled “Horizontal Flow: The Magic of Row-Based Design.” In it, I examine what the effect of column-based design has been, advantages of using rows to recapture the organizational effects of the grid that were largely lost when we abandoned table-based layouts, and some


Working on a new MacBook is like worshipping in the temple of the Goddess of Beauty.

Minefield Set to Explode Chrome

Ok, I’ve got to admit that Chrome has lost a bit of its luster as far as I’m concerned. For instance, for one of my projects, I need to use Central Desktop, an excellent project management site. Unfortunately, it’s one of several sites that Chrome can’t handle.  Not that Safari or even Opera can either. 

Chrome is shiny!

Since downloading Chrome two days ago, I’ve had the chance both to work and play with it, and I must say I’m tremendously impressed. Initial reactions: Chrome is fast. Very fast. The difference is especially noticeable on high-bandwidth connections. (On my DSL connection at home, it’s fast, but not breathtakingly so.) Chrome uses multi-threaded rendering